55,000 gallon rainwater catchment system

We recently completed a rain water collection project that captures water from a 4000 sq ft house. The water is captured in a 660 gallon Bushman rain tank and is then pumped up using a Sta-rite cistern pump. The pump is rated at 30 gallons per minute with a 40′ head.

Sta-rite pump

Sump tank

Once the sump tank fills a float switch will turn on the pump to move the water through a 2″ line 23′ uphill to 2 2500 gallon holding tanks. These tanks provide water to an irrigation system that waters the property. Once those tanks fill they will overflow into a 50,000 gallon water bladder.

Irrigation controls

The irrigation system is designed to allow water to flow in both directions and provide flexibility. The 1.5″ line is a return line to provide water to hose bibs by the house. This is a farm scale system that aims to utilize the available water that falls on the roofs of the property to supplement the wells and other water resources on this property.

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