Farm scale water bladder system

Irrigation controls

660 Gallon Rain Tank

Sump tank

Rain head and first flush diverter

2 2500 gallon tanks

2-2500 gallon tanks connected

This is a small farm scale rainwater collection system using a 660 gallon Bushman rain tank as a sump tank. The house is 4000 square feet and we calculated could harvest almost 50,000 gallons. The system fills the sump tank and automatically pumps uphill once filled to fill 2- 2500 gallon tanks which is the working storage. Once the upper tanks are filled the overflow is connected to a 50,000 gallon water bladder that will fill up over the winter. During the summer we will use an automatic pump system to fill the 2500 gallon tanks and then can be used to irrigate the gardens.

50,000 gallon water bladder

50,000 gallon water bladder

The photo above shows the water bladder connected via a 3″ pipe and a 120 mesh filter. The water that enters the system is filtered so that it can be pumped back to the gardens and run through a drip line. There are many different configurations possible with this type of irrigation system.

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